Increased performance, better response and, if desired, a modifiable sports car exhaust sound. NAP stainless steel valve exhaust systems offer all these benefits and many more. A simple push of a button is enough to give your well-behaved sounding vehicle a sporty sound. If you find the standard exhaust system as boring as a daily soap and are looking for something special, you will find it at NAP. As a manufacturer, we develop individual solutions in sports exhaust for people who love sporty sounds and are looking for exclusive solutions.


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Sonorous Sounds with Big-Block Impression

Sports car fans and motor sports junkies with gasoline in their blood go into raptures when a NAP sports exhaust system reveals its automotive sound qualities. Pithy. Sporty. Powerful. Pure driving pleasure. On request also available as a valve exhaust system with built-in comfort mode. Because: Every NAP valve exhaust system has a NAP button that allows you to adjust the sound of your car from the cockpit. Full control included. Even while driving, you can control the sound of your exhaust system yourself – comfortable and suitable for travel or sporty and pithy. All legal – with certified valve system and EC-approval.

Impressive Sound – More Driving Pleasure

NAP sports exhaust systems also impress in terms of performance. Exhaust back pressure and the weight of the exhaust are significantly reduced compared to conventional solutions. Exhaust temperatures drop, while torque and power increase. And particularly valuable in “day-to-day business”: the engine’s response behavior is optimized. At the same time, the pulling power of the unit is improved.


The sound of an exhaust system is an essential factor for a sporty experience. Experts speak of acoustic design. We give these talents to all our sport exhaust systems. The top class are flap exhaust systems with remote control. With the help of this groundbreaking technology you can actively control the sound of your sport exhaust system. Whenever you want, you can “clear the way at the main muffler”.

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Performance can only be topped by more power. More engine power, better pulling power and a sporty sound are probably among the most important reasons for choosing a sporty exhaust system. Our top class sport exhaust systems form the basis for this and contribute significantly to a significant reduction of the “dynamic pressure”.


Personal taste counts: NAP sport exhaust systems can be individually finished with various stainless steel high gloss polished, ceramic coated or carbon tailpipes. Choose your personal tailpipe variant. Different versions are always available for selection. If you do not find what you are looking for, we will simply manufacture the tailpipe according to your wishes. Individually. Exclusive. Perfect fit.

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